7 Simple Secret Steps to Achieve Any Goal

I have worked tirelessly for 5 years, and I have finally found the 7 step formula for achieving any goal successfully. I have struggled a lot with the goals I wanted to achieve in my life. I have started many goals but ended up as not achieving the goals and sabotaging myself. This bothered me a lot so I have decided to find out the ways to achieve my goals. I have studied many books and been to many seminars of goal achievement. I have spent over 5 years doing the research on goal achievement. I have found many things and processes of achieving goals which were too complicated for me to follow. After intense research and studies for 5 years, I have finally found 7 simple steps of achieving any goal. I will be giving my awesome 7 steps goal achieving formula so anyone can achieve any goal easily without spending much time and money on expensive workshops or books.

Below is my 7 step formula for achieving any goal.

Formula # 1: Know our outcome: This means define precisely what we want.

It is very important to know what we really want. If we don’t know our destination in life we might end up in a place that we don’t like. So first we need to be really clear about what our goal.

Formula # 2: Write down our goal on a piece of a paper

Once we know what our goal is then we need to write it down on a piece of a paper, so we can read it daily or at least once a week. When we write our goals on a piece of a paper than our chances for achieving that goal increases much more because we have given a clear direction to our subconscious mind about what exactly we desire to have in life. This way our subconscious mind will attract the right people and the right circumstances in our life, and we will get support towards the attainment of our goal.

Formula # 3: Create a plan for the attainment of our goal

Once we have written our goal down on a paper we need to make a plan about the achievement of that goal. The very big reason that people do not achieve their goals even they write their goals down is that they do not create a plan for the attainment of their goals. This is the reason the road towards the achievement of their goals seem really big, boring, and painful. It is very important that we need to chunk down our main goal into smaller steps. We need to know what needs to be the first step, the second step, the third step, and so on for the attainment of our goal. This will help us to be clear about the complete plan for the attainment of that goal.

Formula # 4: Take Action

This is a very important step in the achievement of our goal. It does not matter if we know what we want, and we have a step by step plan for the attainment of the goal. It will not bring any change in our life if we do not take action for the attainment of that goal. This is the step most people do not take even they have a great plan and a very nice goal. This is the reason for failure in many people’s lives. Successful people always take action for the attainment of their goal.

Formula # 5: Take a close look at what kind of responses we’re getting. Are we getting closer to our goal or further away from our goal?

This will be a real help for the achievement of our goals. We need to focus on which plan of action is taking us closer towards our goal, and we need to take more of those actions to get closer towards the attainment of that goal. This way we can achieve our goals much more easily. We also need to see which plan of action is not working towards the attainment of that goals. If any action plan is taking us further away from our goals then we need to stop taking that action and replace it with another action plan.

Formula # 6: Develop flexibility to change our approach if we’re not getting closer to our outcome.

Sometimes our plan does not work the way we want it to work for us, so if this happens we need to be flexible in changing the plan of action for the achievement of that goal. We need to be flexible in approaching any goal in our life. This flexibility will be a great help in the attainment of anything we desire in life.

Formula # 7: Persistence

Persistence brings a breakthrough in the lives of people. If we take a look in the history of mankind, we will find how the people who have been persistence in their approach for anything changed the world for the better. The reason I have explained earlier to write the goal on a piece of a paper and read it at least once a month is because this will remind us to be persistence in the attainment of our desire.

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