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Sohail Baloch
2 min readJan 1, 2020

In this blog, I will share with you the secret to living life in full potential and positively.

These are some of the steps you can implement in your life to transform it into positivity and productivity.

1: Believe: You need to believe that you have greater power than any obstacle that comes up in your life because obstacles are temporary. Now imagine how many obstacles came in your life in the past that you have tackled and continued to move on in life.

2: Don’t let your mind dwell on the failures or frustrations of the past: Because the past is past and it is gone. If you continue to think about the past you will destroy your present because there will not be peace in your present while attached to the past. When you constantly talk about the pains and troubles you had in the past you can never learn any lesson from those pains.

3: Don’t have self-doubt about yourself: Self-doubt will not make you happy in life instead it will make life hard to live. Because when you start to have self-doubt than you start to doubt your talents, your ideas, your actions and eventually this will turn you into a person who will doubt everything in life.

4: Never quit in life no matter what: A winner never quits in life because when you quit this means you lost hope and whenever you lose hope this will get you into depression. The state of depression is not a resourceful state it will weaken you in life.

5: Think of every failure and obstacles that come into your life as a learning curve: Because problems and obstacles are the biggest teachers in life. Remember the story of Thomas Edison who failed almost 1000 times to light a light bulb. He was asked how it feels to fail 1000 times by a reporter. The reply Thomas Edison gave to that reporter was outstanding he replied that “I did not fail 1000 times because the light bulb was an invention of 1000 steps”. What a great mindset to have about failures in life because every time any failure or problem that comes in life brings with it a great amount of learning, and by learning the lessons offered by that obstacle or problem you will grow and gain wisdom in life.



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