What is the reality of human beings?

Sohail Baloch
3 min readJul 20, 2021
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Every one of us might have asked this question at some point in life. This is the question that makes you dip deeper to get the answer. In the search for an answer to this question, I did everything that I could. It took me six years of an intense search for the people who can answer this question for me. I found many teachers, gurus, and Sufis who answered this question for me. All of them explained the answer to this question in their own way. The only thing which was the same amid all those teachers' answers was one sentence. That sentence explained to me the reality of the human being. The answer about what a human being really is was simply put in this sentence by all those teachers. A human being is a thought. This might look weird but this is the reality to it. All the people in this world walk around with different thoughts in their minds. If the person has productive and positive thoughts this life becomes a blessing for that person. If the person has destructive thoughts in mind that person's life becomes a misery for that person. In life whatever you think in mind that is what you become in reality. So this point becomes clear that thoughts are reality and thoughts create a person. The person can become great with his/her thought or miserable with his/her thoughts. To change any aspect of your life first, you need to change the thought that you engage in your life regarding that part of your life. Your thoughts start to affect your body and the people around you regularly. If you go to a Sufi, guru, spiritual teacher no one will ask you to change something outside. All of them will tell you to change the way you think about the things that are outside you. This is very important to understand if you change your thoughts you change the way you approach a situation. Let's say you have anger thoughts in your life and while being engaged by those anger thoughts you will unpleasantly treat people. This brings trouble for you in your life because no one wants to be treated badly. I have been on the journey of self-awareness for over 10 years and in those years of training, I found that I can only control my thought. I don't have any control over other people’s thinking and the behavior people generate as a result of that thinking. Once I got this realization all I need to do in any unpleasant situation is change the way I think about that situation. Once I change the way I think…

Sohail Baloch

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